1 – I made my first purchase and received a confirmation SMS/Email. What should I do?

Congratulations on your first purchase with Rftbiz.com. Unless prompted, you need not respond unless called by the Customer Service team or asked to specifically. This is to confirm your order and ensure you are able to track your order with the order ID.


2 – Okay, it’s been 3 to 7 days and I haven’t received my order yet! Where is it?

3 to 7 business days is the usual time frame for receiving an item bought on Rftbiz.com. Unfortunately, delays might occur for a variety of reasons, and for that we apologize. Reasons for this could include, but are not limited to; the seller might not be ready to ship the item from their side, there could be unprecedented volumes in delivery from the courier company, or there could be other unforeseen delivery schedule issues. Your shipment status is updated under the Airway Bill (AWB) status update, allowing you to track it each step of the way to your door. However as a first step, please do not worry as your purchase on Rftbiz.com is secure and it’s our aim to provide you with the best shopping experience and we take your receipt of an item within acceptable time frames very seriously. Should you have any concerns, you can reach our Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page. We are always here to help you.


3 – Okay, this isn’t what I bought?

Never fear. Should this be the case, we will help you in correcting this.


4 – Why do you sometimes ask for a copy of my credit card and/or an Identification Card such as a Passport copy, do you not trust me?

This is for your protection as much as ours, as well as all our buyers to ensure that an item bought on Rftbiz.com using electronic means such as Credit or Debit cards is genuinely the card of the actual buyer and not related to a lost, stolen or fraudulently-used card. In effect it is an extra layer of verification as part of our secure shopping environment and authentication process and security levels.


5 – I am still not comfortable with you having this level of information on me?

Unfortunately it is required at times, and in the case of Credit Cards we only ask for the front-page of the card. However if you have concerns regarding this you can also opt to use Cash on Delivery (COD)


6 – What is Cash on Delivery (CoD)?

Cash on Delivery (CoD) is a payment method where you pay for an item in cash, when the courier company delivers the item to you.


7 – Can I offer cheque for the payment in place of cash?

No. CoD payments have to be made in cash only.


8 – Why is the Courier Company calling me?

This is to arrange a delivery time. Please respond to all such calls in a timely manner so as not to cause a delay in your order. Also please make sure you are available at the agreed time and location confirmed with the courier company to arrange receipt of your order


9 – What is the option if no one is at home when the courier person comes?

Most courier companies will call you before coming over to deliver the item. Some important points to ensure that your CoD transaction goes smoothly. Please ensure that the mobile number you provide for the Cash on Delivery payment is always available and answered. It is important that your address and landmark are very clear. This will help us locate you easily and complete the process faster. Please be available at the designated address with the complete cash as payment for the item purchased.


10 – What if there is a delay in product delivery?

Please notify all delays in delivery to ‘info@rftbiz.com’ and ‘murtaza.m08@gmail.com’


11 – Can I cancel an order after placement of order? What is the refund process?

Products and services once booked through Rftbiz.com cannot be cancelled and the refunds thereof are not allowed in any circumstances. However, exceptional cases of ‘manufacturing defect’ and ‘ wrong consignment ‘ can be dealt with separately after due verification of proof and based on established facts with vendor partners on case to case basis.